Saturday, October 20, 2007

Week 7 games

A split this week for my teams. The girls lost 0-2 in a hard fought game. This is their 3rd loss of the year which ironically was a shutout for the third time. My girls only win when they score at least one goal (it doesn't make sense I know but they have not lost a game when they have scored at all). It was silent Saturday for the soccer club which meant that no parents or coaches could talk. The girls were great and really talked to each other and moved the game along. The girls though were flat and could not really get their open game going.

The boys however were amazing. A big 2-0 win to raise their record to 4-3. JJ my son had 3 SOT (shots on target) and missed a goal by about two inches. They were actually his first three shots on goal ever. The team only had enough to field a full team meaning we had no subs. The boys played an awesome game had possession of the ball over 75% of the time, and controlled the ball well. The boys are playing better every week. Again since this was silent Saturday, I or my assistant could not give instruction but the boys were calling each other for the ball, passing well and executing plays we set up.

JJ today even had a pass that was awesome, he was dribbling the ball towards the goal, overran for a second dropped back and curled a perfect pass to our striker. The striker had the ball taken away but it was an awesome pass. JJ is really coming along.

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