Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Soccer Pics

We had our annual family fun day with the soccer club this past Sunday. It was a fun time and over 600 kids and their families were there. I would love to be the owner of the pizza shop that sold all of the pizza. They probably sold over 100 pizzas to the club. The good thing about this is that it was free. I have to commend the club for the amount of time and effort it is to put on something like this not counting the expenses involved. Even Abby who is not a member of the club had a good time. She loved the moon bounces which there were three.
The best part of the day was the pictures. Talking with the parents prior to our pictures was nice. There are such nice families involved here and the kids get along so well.
Especially with Hannah's team, the girls really get along well. Some of them have played for me for all four seasons I have coached and it really helps.

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