Saturday, November 3, 2007

Week 9 games-1st goal for jj and winning ways continue

Week 8 games were canceled due to rain and very wet field.
The week 9 results were worth the wait. First the girls won decisively 6-0. Alyssa had a hat trick, Mariah, Allison and Hannah each had 1 goal. Their record is 5-3 which means they will finish the year with a winning record. This was another shutout with the defense only allowing 1 shot on goal. They have only conceded 4 goals all year while scoring 19. Much better passing and a clean game.

Scoring leaders for the girls
MacKenzie 4
Hannah 4-

The boys won a very hard fought 2-0 victory to also raise their record to 5-3 meaning they too will have a winning record. JJ had his first goal in 4 years of playing soccer. He had a hard SOT in the 1st half and took a header from a player, battled 5 players, still controlling the ball and blast a shot high into the net over the goalies head. It was a strong kick and I was very proud. It was the insurance goal we needed to secure the victory. It was their second straight shut out. Again the boys dominated the game and controlled the pace and flow of the game. The passes were clean today and the boys really have come on. This again shows how strong this team is getting.

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